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Who is Ness Digi?

DJ NessDigital is a true Music Selector. Since 2005, he has been jamming at a wide range of events; some include fashion parties, clubs, lounges, gallery events, weddings and live radio. He is the essential crowd pleaser incorporating a wide variety of tracks that ranges from funk, rock, soul, r&b, house, world, jazz, hip-hop, old and new.

He has played at a number of notable events and for clients such as ADIDAS, The Scratch Academy, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Columbia University, The City College of New York, The United Nation, and he has also played at hotspots like Tenjune, Studio XXI, Pranna, Aloft Hotel and The Red Rooster.  Since he was a kid, he always wanted to play an instrument. He had his eyes on both the sax and the piano because he wanted to be a musician like Coltrane or Thelonious Monk, two jazz legends and some cool mo fo's. Well, long story short, he never learned how to play either instrument but he did the next best thing... He became a Dj!   It happened quite accidentally too, but about 6 yrs ago, he promoted a weekly party at a lounge uptown called The Sugar Shack. One night, the deejay he booked called to canceled, yet the event was still a go.  Not knowing what to do, a friend brilliantly suggested that Digi hook his laptop into a stereo amplifier… He tried that, and miraculously it worked.  And the rest is, as they say... history. So, he’s been rocking ever since.

Nessdigital loves djaying, especially at a lively event where folks want to groove. It takes a certain knack to play music that connects with a body of folks, but when that connection happens... its electrifying. He strives to make this connection every time he plays whether it’s a large event, or something very quaint. 

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